Robert Chalender: Incomplete Thought

WHEN : 6th - 31st August
WHERE : Lust For Life

Incomplete Thought is a striking look into the mind and politics of Bleeding Kansas artist Robert Chalender.

Owner of Strait Jacket Press, Robert set up shop in Fortitude Valley two years ago, it is in this studio on Brunswick, St. where Robert tends to vent his frustration about the world onto canvas.

Born and raised into what is termed as the Heartland of America, Robert’s Midwestern mind and historical conceptions about ‘Americana’, creatively enable him to produce works of art that touch on the consumerist, hedonistic and fame focus of today‘s popular America and beyond.

By perfecting a multilayer technique using segments of recognizable popular classic and contemporary images, then seamlessly integrating text, these medium to massive scale pieces confront the audience and question the role of Mass Media and Fame in today’s society.

Robert’s work is often at times a puzzle, and feels almost incomplete, as if the canvas he is using to communicate his message is too small dimensionally, for his thought to be communicated definitively.

The exhibition will include these montages and many of his limited edition screen prints.