Rod Moss: DRAWN

WHEN : 19th March -26th April
WHERE : Fireworks Gallery

Rod Moss legendary painter from the fringes of Alice Springs brings us more of his arresting imagery – a closer look into Aboriginal daily life in the desert. Often perplexing but always engaging, these graphic works can appear both mundane and sardonic. Tongue in cheek references and suggestive poses by the Aboriginal subjects simultaneously challenge both our knowledge and ignorance of Aborigines and Indigenous life, often wryly quoting famous masterworks from European painting history including Manet, Bellini and Caravaggio. You can almost hear the viewer muttering…”do they really live like that?”…

Rod Moss has been painting this scenario for over 25 years and he doesn’t look like giving up yet. The title for this new body of work ‘Intervention’ comes at perfect time for the natural story-teller that Moss is: He writes of returning to Alice Springs from a sabbatical in Europe.