Ross Manning: Perpetual Motion

WHEN : 7th February - 1st March
WHERE : Milani Gallery

Ross Manning has been the subject of solo exhibitions, including ‘Volumes’, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (2013); ‘Spectra’, Milani Gallery, Brisbane (2012); ‘Field Emissions’, Starkwhite, Auckland (2012); and ‘3 Songs’, MONA FOMA at Long Gallery, Hobart (2010). He has also participated in a number of group exhibitions, among them ‘Foundation’s Edge: Artists and Technology’, QUT Art Museum, Brisbane (2013); ‘NEW12’, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne (2012); ‘Volume One’, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (2012); ‘Batteries Not Included’, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney (2009); and ‘Sunshine and Zincaloom’, Ptarmigan, Helsinki (2009).

Image : Dichroic Filter Piece (2012)
Dichroic filters, cut glass, DVD player, projector variable