Salli Sixpence: Once Were Oceans

WHEN : 13th - 25th September
WHERE : Lethbridge Gallery

Salli Sixpence’s latest collection of macro photographs ‘Once Were Oceans’ was born out of impressions gleaned from a long walk through the Australian outback.  Drawing on memory of this journey Salli reconstructs vistas using mirrors, colour card, paint, flora and condiments to conjure a remarkably convincing interpretation of the arid plains and flooding rains of a big country.

Walking on what was once an ocean floor unlocks that time/life box.

The ancients in the wind a song
That primal resonance
A silence so big it be deafening

Sixpence has created a truly unique representation of the broad landscapes and fickle waterways of the outback.  His inventive macro/montage approach to landscape photography focuses on a ‘no rules – no perspective’ primitive abstraction.  There is no attempt to hide the leaf, salt or coffee grit ingredients that anchor the works and these ordinary things morph effortlessly into bold panoramas.

Printed on Chromaluxe aluminium plates these images leap off the wall with a vibrancy and modern chic that delivers a refreshingly original interpretation of big country landscapes.


Opening drinks from 3-5pm on Saturday,13 September 2014

Plein Air Painting workshop with Wayne Malkin

Saturday,20 September 2014
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