Sally Molloy: Tobacco Rose/Cow Itch

WHEN : 14th February, 6:00 - 9:00pm
WHERE : Wreckers Artspace

Wreckers Artspace proudly presents: TOBACCO ROSE/COW ITCH by Sally Molloy.

“fold up horse – I mean crocodile – person on dunes
is floating not-really-running in a blank space,
and the glowing eyes of feral felines peer out over
prickly shapes in the middle distance
that gesture toward a deflated bunyip tail,
it is sturdy tho’ it is still.

lurking by the side door, a bush (tobacco rose)
winks at my sweating and operatic self,
its white perfume is homely,
it suggests at-home-ness; while the cow-itch vine
oozes yellow-green with irrepressible menace.”

Exhibition open by appointment: 15th-23rd Feb