Sarah Hickey and Linda Zucco

WHEN : 4th - 15th February
WHERE : Lethbridge Gallery


Sarah Hickey’s new collection speak of dualities and shadow selves, of dark and light, instinct and culturally imposed restraint; the wild and the tamed.
“The constant unveiling and reforming of identities is a significant focus of my practice. These female forms, replicas of the living, act as avatars, fantasy selves, incarnations of spirit and consciousness that often reveal a deeply personal narrative.” Sarah Hickey.

Sarah has been a finalist in many art awards such as the Clayton Utz, RQAS Figurative Prize, SHE Art Awards and the Kirribilli Centre 40th Anniversary Art Prize. In 2017 Sarah is completing a residency at the Tweed River Gallery as well as an international residency.


Linda Zucco is recognized for her bold and edgy oil paintings of urban life. Her new collection ‘Streetlife’ plays with perspective, vantage point and negative space while reflecting on issues of connection, introspect and detachment.

Linda has recently been a finalist in the prestigious Paddington Art Prize as well as the Stanthorpe Art Festival, the Rotary Art Spectacular and the Clayton Utz Art Award.

Image: Sarah Hickey