Shannon Brett : I Didn't Get To Cry Till Now

WHEN : 22nd Sep – 21st Oct
WHERE : Queensland Centre of Photography

This body of work represents a very delicate segment within the lifetime of women. It aims to highlight the emotions experienced by teenage women of culture; what they feel and what they think it is to be Aboriginal. During each portrait session (shoot), Shannon Brett urged the sitter to reflect on their cultural journey to date.

“The teen situation is one in its own. For young women in this country – native to this country; it is simply an additional obstruction to conquer as racism takes hold.”

In the making of these images, Brett revisits experiences of her own time as a young Aboriginal woman of the 80’s – and how it has affected her to this day. With this semi-autobiographical view of her artwork, Brett acknowledges emotion from an Aboriginal perspective and the humanitarian disputes that involve her people.

“These faces of young Aboriginal women represent a knowing or informed past. They are the informed ones; children forced to keep secrets and carry heavy burdens because of the colour of their skin.”

Image :Shannon Brett ‘I Didn’t Get To Cry Till Now’ 2012 – Digital Image on Canvas, 42 x 60 cm, edition of 5

Text : QCP, 2012