Smoke and Mirrors

WHEN : 2nd – 26th September
WHERE : Lust For Life

Smoke and Mirrors is a collaborative exhibition from established Brisbane – based artists Caitlin Sheedy and Belinda Sinclair that will be on show at Lust For Life Gallery from the 2nd of September. Working within the realm of figurative landscapes inspired by distorted reflections of the contemporary world, this exhibition is an opportunity to view works by artists with unique worldviews. This exhibition also includes the installation of painted Beehives created for One Bee Third.

Sheedy’s work, highly colourful and animated in style, is comprised of paintings, drawings, prints, collages and artist books. Small or large-scale, Sheedy’s works are often in series and utilize a narrative structure across numerous of panels. Her works reflect a tale of personal experiences within everyday life, enhanced by her own imagination and observations.

With a focus on mixed media and printmaking, Sinclair on the other hand explores the symbolic power of colour whilst working in layers to create works of depth and intrigue. Employing the use of evocative and tactile materials such as bees wax, gold pigments and Japanese papers her work has an otherworldly quality. Throughout her figurative landscapes Sinclair explores the invisible, strange and unexpected consequences of the human condition. Inspired by contemporary concerns and anxieties, her work represents a dystopic vision of the here and now.

Long fascinated with Bee culture stemming from Beekeeping Grandparents, this particular exhibition will include an installation of painted Beehives created for One Bee Third. Growing up in a time when gardening to put food on the table and keeping bees was an everyday part of life, Sinclair’s work reflects on the disconnect between this time and now. These hives will become active working hives after the exhibition being placed on the roof of Mandalay Technologies in South Brisbane.