Stop For Art

WHEN : 26th – 29th May
WHERE : Goodwill Bridge, Brisbane / Stop For Art

STOP FOR ART is an art project established by students from Queensland College of Art.

The STOP FOR ART group will exhibit a series of temporary installations on the Goodwill Bridge with a high volume of pedestrian traffic, without… physically obstruct traffic flow. Through these artworks our intent is to entice, distract interact and engage this audience in such a way that would cause them to deter form their methodical behaviour in this space.

This exhibition will run as a five day event in May with a separate installation or performance on each day. This non-conventional exhibition will showcase the collaborative works of twenty different artists and be confined to the perimeter of the Goodwill Bridgein South Bank, Brisbane.

The Goodwill Bridge is a busy passage to the diverse occupants of Brisbane including corporate professional students families and curious tourists. This is a free walking bridge with a considerable volume of human traffic on a daily basis. Through our series of installations we aim to promote ART outside of a traditional display environment and challenge concepts and constraints of public space.

To maximise numbers and diversity in our audience our artworks will be displayed on the Bridge on Saturday 26th through to Wednesday 29th May in varying times between 7am-9am. The different collaborative pieces will encourage public interaction through an arrangement of topic including ideas of travel and portable art, the connection between art and play challenge the concept of art being for an elitist audience, investigate the notion of the body as a vehicle and create awareness about domestic violence.

We hope this event will establish a presence of Griffith University in the city and the artists it represents. It will expose a large unsuspecting audience to the emerging art scene in Brisbane and create an opportunity to view art in an unconventional area.

Artists: Karike Ashworth, Eryn Begley, Erin Casey, Dianne Cecil, Tahlia Craft, Elise Edmonds, Erin Elizabeth, Riley Gilloway, Ebony Horn, Brighde Lewis, Liang Ling, James Mulholland, Laura Patricia, Jack Roylance, Kacie Rutherford, Bridgette Shepherd, Angela Su, Karen Waddell, Michael Wickson

Members: Karike Ashworth,
Time: 12am~2pm, Saturday 26th May

Members: Laura Shipp, Brighde Lewis, Liang Ling
Time: 12am~3pm, Sunday 27th May

Stop 3
Members: Ebony Horn, Jack Roylance, James Mulholland, Riley Gilloway
Time: 8am~10am, Monday 28th May

Stop 4
Members: Angela Su, Bridgette Shepherd, Kacie Rutherford, Karen Waddell
Time: 8am~1pm, Tuesday 29th May

Stop 5
Members: Erin Casey, Michael Wickson, Tahlia Craft
Time: 1pm~5pm, Tuesday 29th May

Stop 6
Members: Dianne Cecil
Time: 12am~2pm, Tuesday 29th May