WHEN : 17th Nov, 8pm-10pm
WHERE : Judith Wright Centre
COST : Presale: $15 / Doorsale: $18

Lawrence English is a lightning strike survivor, a swimmer of Antarctic waters and a lover of the potentials of sound. Once described by Japanese musician Ytamo as “sounding like Moses parting the seas”, his work is one that speaks to both the cerebral and physical power of sound. This November he delivers his first Brisbane concert in over a year. This isn’t any ordinary performance – with a swag of new editions published in 2011, “The Evening” with Lawrence English is just that, a series of premieres namely The Peregrine and Lonely Women’s Club.

The Peregrine, based on the book by J.A Baker, will be performed in full. The album has been called an “awe-inspiring listen” by Zen Effect and Altered Zones commented it’s “floridly complex or disingenuously simple…no single element emerges to blatantly dominate the composition”. The Peregrine is a sweeping rendering of the land and the bird which occupies Baker’s obsessive and at times misanthropic book.

English also presents the Australian premiere of Lonely Women’s Club – a new series of minimal organ works that echo a strange sonic impression of lonely 1950/60s bars. It’s a soundtrack to late nights alone bathed in a shimmering unnatural light. Expect a wash of minimal harmony and deep tonal variation. The piece is being debuted internationally in London in October alongside American minimalist forefather Tony Conrad. Lonely Women’s Club promises to be voyage into uncharted seas of emotive organ.