Tapestry Design Prize

WHEN : 14th March - 1st April
WHERE : Artisan

The 2016 Tapestry Design Prize for Architects (TDPA) invited designs for a hypothetical tapestry to hang in the National Gallery of Australia. There is a long-standing historical connection between architectural space and tapestries. The Tapestry Design Prize for Architects is a platform to strengthen this connection between architects and the tapestry weaving practice. On display at Artisan are the designs by the 13 finalists from 2016, including the winning design by Justin Hill from Singapore. Also on display will be the monumental tapestry woven from the design of the 2015 TDPA joint winner John Wardle Architects and commissioned by Judith Nielsen AM for her new Phoenix Gallery in Sydney.

Image: Perspectives on a flat surface, 2016. Designed by John Wardle and woven by Chris Cochius, Pamela Joyce, Jennifer Sharpe, Cheryl Thornton. Wool and cotton. Photo by Jeremy Weihrauch.