The Float

WHEN : 23rd July - 25th September
WHERE : Pine Rivers Art Gallery

The Float is a community engagement project that embraces the talents of over 100 young people in Australia, North America and China. The Float was initiated by artist Pamela See who introduced students in the traditional Chinese crafts of woodblock printing, calligraphy and papercutting. The ten workshops culminated in a series of papercut installations and an animation that tracks the journey of a child’s rubber ducky as it floats through the ocean.

Inspired by the research of oceanographer Curtis Ebbesmeyer, the narrative follows the journey of a shipment of 28 000 bath toys thrown overboard during a storm. Over subsequent decades the toys washed up on coastlines all over the world and their progression was tracked for scientific purposes.

Opening: Saturday 25 July 2015 – 11.30am for 12.00noon