The Steven Bradbury Memorial Invitational

WHEN : 1st - 3rd July
WHERE : The Laundry Artspace

Disqualifications and fortuitous crashes paved the way for Australia’s first Winter Olympics gold medallist, Steven Bradbury. Contemporary art, as a rank outsider to sport itself in the conscious of the wider public, Bradburys its way through the Australian cultural landscape, beset by the likes of Sportsbet ads that cry “that’s not art” at abstract sculpture and affirm “this is” at the Multibet function of its new app.

Placed as it is at the end of our news broadcasts, the back of the newspaper, and sometimes across the front page with a provincialistic headline, sport can be common ground for artists whose work addresses a variety of conceptual frameworks. At this Invitational, sport is an object, a cultural institution, a psychologist, an aspiration, a pastime, a history, a childhood, and a way of life. Above all, it is fun. The selected artists will share their reflections on these themes.

Enjoy the Opening Ceremony on July 1 6pm-9pm
3 Ashfield St, East Brisbane

Featuring an Exhibition Match between:

John Feely and Kiah Reading.
As well as the following qualifiers:
Yannick Blattner
Kristian Fracchia
Luke Kidd
Zoe Knight
Alex Mcgovern
Parallel Park (Holly Bates And Tayla Haggarty)
Jack Rodgers
Camille Serisier

Curated by Alexander Kucharski

With essays by: Lucy Forsberg, Adam Friend and Alexander Kucharski

The Laundry Artspace will be open Saturday and Sunday, 12pm – 4pm.