There Are No Remote Places

WHEN : 25th Oct – 30th Nov / Opening 25th Oct, 6:00 – 9:00pm
WHERE : SmallWorks Gallery 87 Bromley street Kangaroo Point

Ben Pearce is well known for his deft reconfiguration of objects and textures, using form as a signifier of human emotion and psychological states and then blending these together to deliver potent artworks that amuse and intrigue.

Pearce: “I’m really interested in the inner emotions and sociological behaviour of people as abstract works, as landscapes. I’m aware of the associated memories people have to 2dimensional works, such as story books or diagrams and I am playing to this aspect somewhat”

Often even his most optimistic and playful works emit a sense of loneliness and absence, where seemingly inert material becomes imbued with life as groupings make caves, tunnels and brain shaped masses. Forms are piled up and balanced upon each other creating a tension that mirrors our own states back to us; often balanced, barely, and a simple shake up could topple the whole thing down….