Torque & Crease: Art of the Fold

WHEN : 3rd May - 10th June
WHERE : Onespace Gallery

“…the artworks in ‘Torque & Crease’ represent a freedom from constraints, yet within each of their individual practices are self-imposed limits that may fold in on themselves, transformed in the process.” – Louise Martin-Chew

Onespace Gallery is delighted to present new works by Kylie Bickle, Jennifer Marchant and Matthew Tobin. Well-known in public art and design circles, Bickle, Marchant and Tobin allow us a more intimate engagement with their private art practices. The form, texture, and pattern of their works, allow the viewer to find a genuine meditative moment – each torque and crease providing a ‘complexity that the eye seeks, engages with, and resolves’.

Image Caption: Kylie Bickle, ‘Code Series No.2’, 2017, Heat-formed paper, painted and foiled, 24 x 33 x 1.5cm (unframed). Photo: Mick Richards.