WHEN : 10th May, 10am - 5pm
WHERE : Gallery of Modern Art / Queensland Art Gallery

A day devoted to performance, with a range of events and talks taking place in and around GOMA, featuring Australian artists who explore site-specific, performative and ephemeral practices.


10.00am | Artist talk 
Join Agatha Gothe-Snape for an introduction to the history of visual scores, and the intersections between dance and visual art, with particular reference to her work Three Ways to Enter and Exit.

11.00am | Keynote artist talk
Australian artist Mike Parr reflects on his long history of making performance works since the 1970s. Parr will also present an excerpt of a new performance during the event.

1.00pm | Curator’s tour
Join Bree Richards, Assistant Curator, Contemporary Australian Art, for a discussion of key works and ideas in the ‘Trace’ exhibition.

1.30pm | Artist talk 
Hear Kerrie Poliness speak about the large-scale drawing Field Drawing #1.

2.30pm | Artist talk
Join members of Brown Council as they reflect on the life and work of fictional Australian performance artist Barbara Cleveland.



All day | Kerrie Poliness
Over the weekend Kerrie Poliness will use a sports field marker to make Field Drawing #1, a large scale drawing on the Maiwar Green outside GOMA.

12.30–4.30pm | Michaela Gleave 
Streamed live from her studio in New York throughout the day, Michaela Gleave will undertake a simple endurance action.

3.00pm | Agatha Gothe-Snape
Agatha Gothe-Snape will collaborate with QUT dance students to create a one-off dance piece, Other Ways to Enter and Exit.



3.30pm | Emerging Creatives networking
Are you an emerging arts practitioner? Join us at this exclusive event offering an opportunity to meet ‘Trace Live’ artists in the surrounds of the ‘Trace Live’ pop up cash bar. Students receive a 10% discount at the Gallery’s food and beverage venues during ‘Trace Live’.

Students receive a 10% discount at the Gallery’s food and beverage venues during ‘Trace Live’.



Main Exhibition – 22nd February – 27th July 2014


It seems obvious when talking about performance that ‘you really have to be there’, to get the story right. While the experience of ‘being there’ adds something particular, it is still possible to experience the work at a remove, whether via a screen, photographic documentation, or even a third-hand retelling of the action. ‘Trace’ draws out relationships between performance and its documents, bringing together new commissions with historical and contemporary works from across the Gallery’s Collection. The exhibition includes works by John Baldessari; Brown Council; Rebecca Horn; Bruce Nauman, Mike Parr; Campbell Patterson; Qin Ga; Carolee Schneemann; Sriwhana Spong; Song Dong; Ai Weiwei; Gosia Wlodarczak; Erwin Wurm; Zhang Huan, and more.

Spanning an array of cultural contexts and varying sorts of performativity – feats of endurance, repetitive actions, shamanistic rituals, vaudevillian acts – the works also range wildly in tone: from sublime to icky to out and out funny. Whether images, texts or objects, ‘Trace’ gives presence to the residues that stop performance disappearing altogether. Alongside the works, this testifies to the continuing relevance of discussions around ephemeral work in the Gallery: it appears, disappears, then reappears in various guises.