WHEN : 12th December – 1st February
WHERE : Webb Gallery, Queensland College of Art, 226 Grey St, South Bank

A Sense of Place and Culture – British and Australian Narrative Jewellery. Transplantation is a travelling exhibition hosted by the Queensland College of Art showcasing a group of 12 contemporary jewellery artists from the UK and Australia.

Their work utilises surprising materials, from the precious to the mundane to explore cultural, familial and artistic transplantation that has occurred within and between the UK and Australia.

Curator, Professor Norman Cherry (Lincoln, UK) describes jewellery as “one of the most exciting of today’s art forms, stemming from its unique ability to record memory and experience and to convey stories, metaphors and histories in a way that is both wearable and portable.”

He has carefully chosen the 12 artists included in the exhibition and each artist offers a unique perspective on the theme of transplantation.

Each artist has taken a journey, tackling issues that arise from their own personal experiences of transplantation, to inform the concept and outcome of their works.

Jivan Astfaick (UK)
Roseanne Bartley (AU)
Nicholas Bastin (AU)
Norman Cherry (UK)
Lin Cheung (UK)
Jack Cunningham (UK)
Anna Davern (AU)
Joungmee Do (AU)
Sheridan Kennedy (AU)
Bridie Lander (UK/AU)
Jo Pond (UK)
Laura Potter (UK)

Image : Jack Cunningham The Great Barrier (Series) 1 2010. Silver, wood, shell, plastic readymades 70 x 100 x 40 mm