Treasures: the art of collecting

WHEN : 30th March – 28th April
WHERE : Queensland Centre of Photography

Treasures is an exhibition celebrating the art of collecting photography. From institutional collections to the one time love affair with a picture, this exhibition traces the personal history of the objects that encase the artistic meaning given by their makers, but also embrace the thoughts, dreams and experiences of their owners.

Collections are often seen as part of larger curatorial themes and rarely single pieces get to be seen in public spaces, yet collectors be it large or small provide the economic bases for the development and sustainability of practising artists, they create a cultural environment and legacy that resides in the domestic space lending its inhabitants a unique connection to the cultural and civilizing capacity of art.

Featuring works from the Daryl Hewson and Queensland Centre for Photography Collections, as well as from individual collectors.

Image : Arthur Tress ‘Fish Tank Sonata’ 1987-90