Trespassers Welcome

WHEN : Opening Night: 1st Feb, 6:30pm – 9:00pm
WHERE : Judith Wright Centre, Shop Front

Trespassers Welcome is an invitation to enter, explore and share in a world that is ordinarily off limits, out of bounds or out of sight, forgotten, hidden or removed from our daily meanderings.

Behind locked doors, in darkened subway tunnels, out the window of your train carriage and in the drains beneath your feet, exists a world of wonder and bemusement rarely glimpsed and less often contemplated.

Inhabitants and actors here are numerous and diverse; from DIY artists to birdwatchers, skateboarders to train spotters, squatters to freight hoppers. The activities of – and productions by – these sub cultures and fringe dwellers is the inspirational basis of Trespassers Welcome.

In this space, viewers are encouraged to question conventional notions of the ways in which society attributes significance to space and place, from the perspective that the definition of our existence is largely determined by the way in which we perceive both its function and its significance.