Untitled – Exhibition

WHEN : 9th – 16th Jan / Opening 10th Jan, 5:30 – 9:00pm
WHERE : Bleeding Heart Gallery

Creative Collective present a photographic exhibition, “Untitled”

The works are focused by four often overlapping themes of The Object; The Land; Dreams and Visions; and The Portrait; the individual bodies of work present narratives and explore various ideas including child psychology; “lost”; children’s perception; unsettling and distressed feelings; intimate analysis of oneself; and the connection between people and the landscape. The works encompass a large field of photographic genres, will be presented using various types of media, and will feature roughly 6 pieces from each artist.

The exhibiting photographers are Rebekah Cossens, Rachel Dray, Roxy Frischling, Ineka Morosini, Matt Neilsen, Sarah Paddon, Francis Phamnguyen, Jeremy Whish.