Watermark Print Exhibition

WHEN : 28th - 30th November
WHERE : Jugglers Artspace

The Watermark Print Exhibition showcases for the first time the 2011 Folio Box project; a collection of twenty-six limited edition prints by alumni printmaking students and lecturers of the Queensland College of Art alongside artworks by international guest artists; Tamarind Master Printmaker Lynne Allen, Sarah Bodman and Paul Laidler.

The Queensland College of Art Folio Box project has been an annual collaborative venture since 1984. Each year a theme is chosen by the graduating students for the artists to explore.

The theme of watermark was not only chosen for its relevance to printmaking, but also due to the floods of 2011 that affected many Queenslanders. The Brisbane River peaked at a 30 year high and its banks were broken causing terrible devastation. Many of the prints included within this exhibition are based upon the artist’s experience relating to this natural disaster.

Artists in the exhibition include: Lynne Allen, Jessica Allen, Kim Anderson, Sarah Bodman, Holly Coleman, Russell Craig, Erin Dunne, George Furlonger, Riley Gilloway, Stephanie Grogan, Keira Kavetsky, Paul Laidler, Tim Mosely, Alan Owen, Laura Richter, Jessica Row, Cherylin Scalia,  Susanne Schroder, Kate Simpson, Glen Skien,  Bevil Staley, Jenny Sanzaro-Nishimura, Tyza Stewart, Jonathan Tse, Evelyne Upton, Jazmin Wilkins

Each of the artists who participated in the box created a unique fine art print in response to the theme using a variety of printmaking techniques including lithography, screen printing, etching, drawing, embossing, collograph & digital printing.