Where the Green Ants Dream

WHEN : 29th July, 3:00pm
WHERE : Gallery of Modern Art

‘Where the Green Ants Dream’, Werner Herzog’s sole film set entirely in Australia, is a drama centred on a dispute between a mining company and local Aborigines whose sacred land will be irreparably disturbed by the miners’ uranium excavations. Herzog was inspired by the first Australian native title court case in 1971, which ruled against the Aboriginal applicants, but he invents events and history with his customary loose relationship with factual accuracy – with even the titular mythos of the green ants being a Herzogian invention. Nevertheless, this is a striking film that is deeply heartfelt and passionate without relying on condescension or cliché in its treatment of its characters. Herzog’s strong, yet conflicted, relationship with the natural world shines through in his depiction of life in the outback.

3.00pm Sat 29 Jul (1hrs 40mins) 
GOMA | Cinema A | Free