Which I Notice In My Mind

WHEN : 11th - 22nd November
WHERE : Brisbane Institute of Art

Which I Notice In My Mind is a duo exhibition by Stewart Worthington and Jared and has been the natural collaboration of father and son working through separation and familiarity. Both artists lead entwining journeys sharing in conversation of art, photography and the common interest of social chaos.

Reflecting their different personalities both artists are process driven, defining the outcome but with the need to react to what happens during the process, making conscious and unconscious decisions with the acceptance of ambiguity, wanting to be surprised. This does not come naturally but through working, and often by chance. It would be boring to follow a procedure, however there are conceptual elements in some of the works.
Metcalfe Gallery, Brisbane Institute of Art
41 Grafton Street, Windsor QLD 4030

Exhibition Opening: Friday 11th November 6 – 8.30 pm