Yannick Blattner : Low Blow

WHEN : 13th - 21st March
WHERE : Spiro Grace Art Rooms

If you have ever likened the similarities of man and beast you have merely scratched the surface of the notions at play in Yannick Blattner’s upcoming exhibition, ‘Low Blow’. The exhibition will see the presentation of Blattner’s new body of paintings that further divulge his pre-existing explorations into the constructs of the Australian male identity, dissecting its roles, gestures and social hierarchies. With the use of the kangaroo, a cliché symbol of Australiana and images of male aggression, ‘Low Blow’ draws distinctions between the belligerence of the Australian male identity and the primeval territorial nature of our nations animals.

Exhibition Dates | 13 – 19 March 2014

Opening 6-8pm
Friday 21 March 2014
SGAR Project Space

Opening times:
Thursday-Friday 11am-5pm.
Saturday 12am-4pm (during exhibition periods).