Yvonne Mills-Stanley : Taking the temperature

WHEN : 5th September – 12th October
WHERE : Fireworks Gallery

Yvonne first began exhibiting in Brisbane in 1981 and has maintained a consistently strong painting practice and exhibition involvement. Since then Yvonne’s most distinctive paintings are the grass series begun in 2004. These are superbly crafted oil paintings, loaded with strong, simple metaphor. The austerity and boldness of this subject matter is balanced by a delicate depth and finish- enhanced, seemingly, with the very fragrance of the Australian landscape. I am concerned with the colour, structure and movement of grass, and the relationship between areas of where grass has once been and where grass is now travelling to.

….these grass paintings are not the literal portrayal of grass but the spirit of grass – the rhythm and movement – as it is touched by wind and sun causing a shimmer on the surface of the earth… I endeavour to convey this vibration on to the surface of the canvas…

Yvonne Mills-Stanley