Zoe Porter: Penumbra

WHEN : 7th - 24th February

Onespace is pleased to commence our 2018 Program with Penumbra – an exhibition comprising recent works on paper, artist’s books and photographic documentation of recent live collaborative performances by Zoe Porter.

Penumbra brings together a curated selection of works on paper produced over the last twelve to eighteen months. These intriguing works explore various in-between states of being through body transformations and animal-human hybrid forms. Porter’s watercolours question the continual flux of human identity and connections with the animal world. For the first time, Porter also presents photographic documentation from live collaborative performances in public spaces which investigate themes of dislocation and metamorphosis. These performances blur the boundaries between the rational and dream-like state, presenting surreal environments and costume appendages which offer possibilities for other ways of being.

Please join us for drinks with the artist on Friday, 9 February 2018, from 6-8pm to celebrate the show. The exhibition will be officially opened by guest speaker Dr William Platz.

Image: Zoe Porter, The Vapour from the Apparitions series, 2018, Watercolour on paper. Image: Brisbane Digital Images