Arts Law For Creative Practitioners


Deadline:17th October, 2018

Artisan is pleased to be hosting an Arts Law workshop designed to empower and engage creative practitioners. This is an arts-related legal and business educational opportunity, will communicate complex legal concepts in a common sense and helpful way.

Arts Law is a national not-for-profit organisation that provides legal advice and information on a wide range of arts-related legal and business matters, so this legal workshop is a valuable chance for creative practitioners to access this expertise in Brisbane.

Developed specifically for Queensland creative practitioners, the workshop features three sessions: Copyright 101 for creatives; Business Basics; and Legal issues in your growing business.

Are you just starting out or navigating new commercial opportunities? Maybe you need some help understanding copyright and your rights as a contractor? Using hypothetical and real examples, this Arts Law workshop aims to leave participants confident about understanding their legal rights and responsibilities.

Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in and enhance your creative business.


Up-to-date legal information relevant to Queensland law and federal requirements
Facilitation by Suzanne Derry, Senior Solicitor at the Arts Law Centre of Australia
Introduction to owning and using your copyright
Insurance and liability information
Contract advice and examples
Looking at different risks in creative businesses.
Afternoon tea and morning tea and coffee voucher
Who is this workshop for?

Arts Law: legal workshop for creative practitioners, is suitable for makers, and emerging or established small business owners from a variety of creative fields. This includes people working in visual arts, fashion, graphic designers, urban art and design, illustrations, fine object makers, cottage industries, freelancers, arts writers, curators and industrial designers.

Student Tickets $75
Creative Practitioners $85

About Suzanne Derry

Suzanne Derry is the Senior Solicitor at the Arts Law Centre of Australia, where she has worked for over seven years. Suzanne has worked for a number of community legal centres and a boutique entertainment law practice. She provides legal advice on a copyright, contract, defamation, debt and business structures. Suzanne enjoys educating artists about their rights and providing practical advice across a range of arts areas.

About Arts Law

Arts Law is a national organisation that provides legal advice and information on a wide range of arts-related legal and business matters including contracts, copyright, business structures, defamation, insurance, employment and taxation to artists and arts organisations across all art forms.

Arts Law provides workshops for local councils, tertiary education institutions and arts organisations on a wide range of legal issues. The business has been doing this for over 30 years and has delivered thousands of education workshops over this time.

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