Australian Copyright Council 2011 Seminars


WHEN : 21 Nov – 25 Nov
WHERE : Department of Primary Industries

The Australian Copyright Council will be holding copyright seminars throughout 2011.Issues of copyright affect nearly every individual, professional and business in Australia today. Designed for both creators and users of copyright works, the Copyright Council’s user-friendly seminars provide expert advice on how to work with copyright in the digital age.

The following seminars are just a selection from the 2011 national seminar program;

Copyright Essentials

This seminar provides an overview of copyright law as it applies in Australia, with examples from the creative industries of music, film, publishing and the visual arts.

Permissions & Clearances

This seminar is for anyone using copyright material – from music and writing to photos and film – or anyone needing to clear the rights to such material.

Websites, Blogs & Social Media

This seminar is for anyone who manages or runs a website and engages with user generated content, or is a frequent user of material from the internet.

Copyright for Businesses

This seminar is for anyone creating or using copyright material in business – from SMEs to large corporations.

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