Elizabeth Shaw

Tapper, recycled sterling silver and timber, 2011 Elizabeth Shaw is a contemporary jeweler and metalsmith based in Brisbane Queensland Australia. Elizabeth Shaw specialises in original works, one offs and works in series.  


SKY NEEDLE perform primitive pop improvised along hypnotic waves of clunk in the backwater of the cosmic junkyard on unstruments operated by Alex Cuffe, Joel Stern, Sarah Byrne and Ross Manning. Sky Needle live in Brisbane, Australia. “The music, well, let’s talk about the music. It’s stalking, eerie, the night stumblings of a pot addict; …

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Gary Warner

Gary Warner is an artist, photographer, writer, curator, musician and media producer who was born in Brisbane, Queensland in 1957. His work across various visual media demonstrates Warner’s continuing fascinations with natural and man-made phenomena ranging from nature, cities, human interactions and Eastern and Western philosophies. Warner showed a precocious talent for media when aged …

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Carly Scoufos

Seam, 2009 Carly’s sculptural and installation based practice focuses on bridging elements of the mechanistic and industrial to the organic patterns of growth and decay. Her work explores the translation of abstract and fleeting moments within fluid phenomena, into woven constructions of industrial wire. This process parallels textile traditions of needlework, lace making and knitting, …

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Emma Leslie

this…(#9), 180.3 x 104.1cm, Unique Type C print, (2012) this… this… is a homage to photography’s disappearing materiality. this… is my lament for colour analogue technology. this… is a photogram; a photograph without a negative. this… is a crumpled piece of light sensitive paper. this… is an image of itself. this… is an abstraction. this… …

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