Clark Beaumont

Clark Beaumont is the Brisbane based collaborative duo Nicole Beaumont and Sarah Clark. Through both live and mediated performance works they investigate ideas and constructs around identity, female subjectivity, intimacy and interpersonal relationships. Clark Beaumont are the subjects for their work, and their collaboration means exploring the social and physical dynamics of working together to create artwork. Through performance and time-based media, they experiment with multiple feminine personas and characters, recreating and reflecting on the individual and intersubjective experiences that contribute to the practice. The duo aims to create artwork that creatively and critically engages elements of humour and absurdity to explore how contemporary constructs of female identity and subjectivity are formed.

Clark Beaumont formed in 2010 at the Queensland University of Technology, whilst completing their Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts (Visual Art). Since beginning their collaboration, the duo have presented live performances, videos and installations nationally, in both group and solo shows, including at SafARI (2012), Boxcopy (2012), PICA (2013), Bus Projects (2013) and Kings (2014), as well as internationally, with their solo exhibition Seen (2013) at Jiwar, Spain. In 2013, Clark Beaumont were also the 13th artist added to the 13 Rooms exhibition, curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Klaus Biesenbach.

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