Curate This


Deadline: November 4th

DEADLINE : November 4th

In Curate This! The Edge is your canvas. It’s a designable, constructable, and destructable space. Available to you is the physical space; the walls, the windows, floor and the digital screens, as well as the virtual real estate; there’s wifi, a web platform and other digital technologies. Most importantly there is an opportunity to creatively push the boundaries in arts, technology and science. We are asking you to put your fingerprints on The Edge and exhibit your work here.

What you get:

* $500 to put towards your exhibition
* Up to two months of exhibition space at The Edge
* Access to gear at The Edge to help make your exhibition come to life
* Marketing support, connecting you to the broader Edge community
* Walls, screens and all other parts of The Edge, plus access to the brains of people that work there

What we’re looking for:

* To be entertained, inspired and provoked to experience The Edge in new ways
* Projects which reflect the DIY Tech programming theme
* Young and emerging artists (in their first 5 years of practice)

Applications for Curate This! will close 4 November. For more information contact Daniel Flood 07 3842 7382 or


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