Large Format Camera Workshop


Deadline:2nd February, 2019

Large Format Camera enthusiasts, we are dedicating a whole weekend to this niche in analogue photography and bringing all the like-minded people together.

We would like to organise this event sometime in February 2019, and it really depends on how much interest we raise. So if this is something that appeals to you, please register your interest and we will keep you posted on the dates and further details of the program.

Large format camera and large format photography are certainly a speciality in a film world. Most large format cameras are of a high quality, produced in small numbers; they are crafted from beautiful timbers and high quality metals and hence have a high price tag attached. If you are lucky enough to own one or you aspire to own one, and if you would like to come up close and personal with one of these beauties and learn how to use it, read on…

There will be an exhibition of B&W and colour transparencies and images taken with Large Format Cameras. We will demonstrate the use of these cameras, its pros and cons, etc. You will meet other like-minded photographers and there will be plenty of time to discuss various topics.

Here are just some of the things that will be discussed and demonstrated:

Different types of large format cameras
The advantages and disadvantages of using a large format camera
A break down of the various parts
Focusing a large format camera
A checklist of the procedure in using a large format camera
Determining the correct exposure
Loading film holders
Making the exposure
Various accessories that are available
Examples of colour and B&W transparencies made on the large format camera

Armed with this knowledge you should be able to take your cameras out and get a result, and if you would like to return a week or so later with some B&W film you exposed, we could bring in some film holders and process it for you in our darkroom.

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