Deadline: 13th September, 2013

DEADLINE : 13th September, 2013

Openly Sourced focuses on variance in the interpratation of light, and is one in a series of exhibitions throughout 2013 exploring the use of crowd sourcing within moving image; including Visual Art, Film, Music Videos, and Animations.

Throughout the year we have been researching the use of crowd sourcing within creative works and focusing on those that have a critical engagement with their content. Using our role as curators to engage the public in the creation of a singular, collaborative project that synthesizes this new knowledge, we want to unite our public with an inspiring and universal idea for them to generate a diverse range of original content. We will then use curatorial methods to create a single work from the content submitted. This work will then be exhibited in digital space of the creative displays at Parer Place which enables us to project large scale works that interact and move on the public, billboard like screen.

We want the engagement with the crowd sourcing paradigm to be from a critical and creative standpoint. We are not aiming to create a database of light and sound, but rather a cohesive and dynamic exhibition created out of peoples’ unique expressions of their experiences with light, within the technical guidelines we have set out.

What to do:

Record 30seconds to 1 minute of either video, sound, or a combination of the two using light as the inspiration and the subject.

All recordings are to be recorded on your phone or portable device, and e-mailed to (But please be as creative with this as you like!)
Your recording does not need to have sound.
If it has sound it can be from the source, edited, or overlayed (can not by stolen from another artist)
Please send your name and title of the work with your submission. Your recording should not have any credits within the visuals, this will be done seperately.

Submissions will be posted on our website. The work will then compiled in to a creative display exhibition on the Parer Place Urban Screens. Submissions due by the 13th September. Exhibition screening nightly at 1830-2130 from 28 October – 10 November.

For more information please visit the website

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