Play Moves

Surrender yourself to the sublime art of play.

“To thrive in today’s fast-changing world, people of all ages must learn to think and act creatively and the best way to do that is by focusing more on imagining, creating, playing, sharing and reflecting, just as children do,” – Ken Robinson, author Liftlong Kindergarten: cultivating creativity through projects, passion, peers and play (2017).

Evolving the success of Museum of Brisbane’s participatory exhibitions (RMXTV and Storytellers: Next Chapter), MoB is once again inviting the community to break the boundaries of traditional gallery experiences by engaging with the artwork.

Through six major immersive and interactive projects, Play Moves is designed so the audience becomes participants. Acts of responding and creating within the artworks are essential to their aesthetic and conceptual existence.

Everyone is invited to step in, touch, move, weave, dance, build and embrace these art installations and to leave their mark on the show with their every action making the art around them grow, change and come alive.

From the analogue technology of a mega looms’ warp and weft (Slow Art Collective) to digital motion tracking (Sai Karlen); to a time-warp into a subverted office of the 80s to find a hidden party and jiving pot plants (Counterpilot), to a sound interactive environment (Tara Patterden), a technicolour demolition party (UnitePlayPerform) and soft cocooned sculptures (Michelle Vine), Play Moves invites audiences to explore and test their creative limits.

While a child-friendly exhibition, MoB Director/CEO, Renai Grace, said people of all ages and abilities can surrender themselves to the sublime art of play.

“Play Moves places you at the heart of creative expression and cultural exchange by transforming you from spectator to contributor, inviting you to connect and learn from those around you. It’s a dynamic space that can be visited multiple times to watch the exhibition change and grow over time,” she said.

Bringing together six national participatory artists and collectives, the exhibition is a series of spaces that tantalise, delight and engage. Each room will invite visitors to step into the creative world of its maker and become an important part of the work.

Featuring works of national and Brisbane-based creatives, Play Moves, draws on the fundamentally familiar aspects of play to redefine the museum experience for MoB audiences presenting ‘play’ as a method for learning about the world and facilitating insightful, divergent thinking, creativity, and social connection.

Engage with a series of co-creation spaces that present the unexpected, encourage touch, move the mind and remind us play is discovery. Options also available for those needing low and high sensory experiences.

Opportunities to play after hours with pop-up performances planned for select Friday nights during the exhibition.

It’s good to play.

With thanks to Exhibition Partner Gadens. MoB has received funding through the Australian Government’s Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund to support this exhibition.