Superordinary is an ephemeral art space with locations in the Brisbane CBD and Northshore. We provide space for artists to create work, show work and collaborate by reclaiming unused urban spaces.

Superordinary facilitates partnerships with property owners to utilise otherwise unused urban spaces in central Brisbane and repurposes them for arts projects and artistic development. Superordinary aims to provide opportunities often unavailable to artists due to economic barriers of entry. As a melting pot of energy for multi-disciplinary collaboration, our artists in residency are provided with space, opportunity and encouragement to create and innovate within a like minded community.

In addition to our artistic facilitation, Superordinary provides space to emerging creative professionals to garner the support required to produce activations of their own. Our ground floor venue space will be home to many of these, as well as several immersive events and exhibitions from our artists in residence.

While the current location of Superordinary CBD and Superordinary Northshore are temporary, the ephemeral nature of Superordinary and the community it cultivates will continue on in future spaces responding to their unique attributes. It’s what continues on between these physical spaces that defines Superordinary.

Superordinary CBD – 62 Mary Street, Brisbane City
Superordinary Northshore – 175 MacArthur Avenue, Northshore