Anastasia Booth

That Cold Sense Of, Leather, Ice, Freezer (2011) Photograph: Sam Cranstoun

Anastasia Booth is an Australian artist who uses sculpture and installation to re-evaluate the position of female desire in sexual fetish. Booth plays with the idea of fetish as an instrumental strategy, seeing it as a mode to work across different theoretical and material discourses. In her work the play between explicit and implicit depiction creates an ambiguity that has suggestive potency, where fragmentation and dysfunction initiate diverse readings. These dialogues in the work make apparent the anxiety and desire inherent in the viewer and question how the visual conventions of erotica and art history are mutually informative. Booth has previously shown in group exhibitions at Metro Arts, Inbetweenspaces and The Brisbane Powerhouse. Along with contributing to Melbourne’s 2010 Next Wave Festival No Risk Too Great, as a co-director of Brisbane based artist-run initiative Boxcopy.

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