Joachim Froese


Joachim Froese was born in 1963 Montreal, Cananda and arrived in Australia in 1991. He completed his BA Fine Arts at the Tasmanian School of Art, Launceston in 1995 and later his Master of Visual Arts at the Queensland College of Art, Brisbane in 2001.

Inspired by art history Froese’s work re-evaluates the inherent qualities of analogue black & white photography and investigates conceptual links with Baroque and Renaissance painting. He works in a unique manner, by juxtaposing varying numbers of individual prints, and his images are laboriously assembled constructs that often defy reality. Froese is best known for ‘Rhopography’, a series of still lifes depicting dead insects and deteriorating fruit and vegetables. Another is ‘Species’, an allegorical using discarded toy animals and sugar cubes to recreate biblical images from Italian frescoe illustrations during the Renaissance. (Text – Jan Manton Art)

Image: A Walking Shadow (Hamlet Fragment 3), 2009/2011, 3 inkjet prints, 40 x 90 cm

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