Sophie Bottomley

Sophie Bottomley creates sculptural objects that investigate how the experience and perception of space is altered through changes in scale. Being a hybrid that blurs the boundary between a model and a sculptural object, they also occupy a space between the real and the invented, being a fictional environment and yet a proposal for something real.

Each work features a reduction in scale which allows you to view the interior and exterior simultaneously. The objects rely on the viewer’s’ imagination in order to experience the interior realm, resulting in an experience of space that is disconnected from the body. These objects challenge conventional notions of materiality and interior space, investigating the relationship between interior and exterior, form, scale, colour, light, and surface. The work is intended to create imagined spaces that evoke sensations and feelings, engaging one in new experiences and providing new environments to discover.


Sophie Bottomley graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) from Queensland College of Art. Previously she completed a Bachelor of Built Environment and Design (Architectural Studies) at Queensland University of Technology in 2005 and has also studied Architecture. She was a finalist in the Graduating Art Show+ Espresso Garage Awards in 2010 and received the Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society Award for Outstanding Studio Practice in Sculpture. She was selected to exhibit in Unleashed: Critical Craftings at Artisan, Fortitude Valley in 2011 and has shown her work in several group exhibitions in Brisbane. In 2011 her work was displayed in Conrad Gargett Architects foyer.


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