Yannick Blattner

Yannick Blattner’s work analyses social conflict, focusing primarily on dissecting the constructs of Australian masculine identity. He utilises culturally iconic symbols, objects and images, appropriating and re-contextualising source material to create pictorial allegories. Blattner exploits the ubiquitous nature of search engine results as a system for categorisation and rating the commonality of images, trends and actions. Blattner’s work often explores a funny/serious dichotomy with undertones of humour, mockery and satire.


Yannick Blattner is a Brisbane based multidisciplinary artist. He graduated a Bachelor of Fine Art in Visual Art in 2013. Throughout his studies Blattner’s scholarly achievements were consistently recognised; he was a recipient of the inaugural Hild Chenhall Scholarship for painting (2012) and was recognised on deans list for his academic excellence. He has exhibited his work within several solo exhibitions including: ‘Point to Point’ at Love Love Studios (2012), ‘Never Odd or Even’ by Current Projects in the Ryan Renshaw Windowbox (2013) and ‘It’s all gone Shane Warne: 708 wickets in one hour’ at Inhouse ARI (2013). His work is also included in various private collections throughout Australia.

Image : Never Odd or Even

Text : Spiro Grace Art Rooms (2013)

Artist Website – www.yannickblattner.com

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