Zoe Knight

Zoe Knight is an artist based in Brisbane. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Art with Honours at Queensland University of Technology.

Zoe’s practice is shaped by her interest in the materiality of objects, discovering and abstracting found malleable and repurposed industrial materials, as well as relationships between object, exhibition space, and viewer.

Since the materials are sourced locally – found discarded in workshops, as surplus from suppliers, in bins, and on the street  – Zoe’s work reflects the social and industrial environment of the area.

Currently, her practice seeks to draw the viewer’s attention to an awareness of their body in space and the features of the gallery. This is achieved through mapping the floor with miniature-sized objects grouped in relation to one another and coupled with dramatic lighting or architectural intervention. Objects are arranged with their formal and aesthetic features in mind especially balance, texture, and shape.

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Image: Untitled#5 window object#2 (slate, balustrade wire), steel, slate, 10 x 15 x 10cm, 2016. Photo – Carl Warner

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