We are WILD with excitement to be launching Brisbane’s largest display of women’s street art through our debut Outdoor Gallery Exhibition, WOMEN’S WORK‘, showcasing August 12, 2019.

The exhibition features the work of twelve local artists, designers and practitioners including Courtney Brims, Claire Tracey, Dominique Falla, Emma Wright, Lusid ArtMosessa, Nicola Holly, Rachael Sarra, Rae Cooper, Sarah Hazlehurst, Tori-Jay Mordeyand Zoe Porter.

Eagle Lane – Artwork by Alex Saba, Lusid Art
Edison Lane – Artwork by Courtney Brims
Edward Street – Artwork by Dominique Falla
Edward Street – Artwork by Claire Tracey
Fish Lane – Artwork by Rae Cooper
Hutton Lane – Artwork by Emma Wright
Irish Lane – Artwork by Rachael Sarra
King George Square Car Park – Artwork by Mosessa
William Jolly Bridge – Artwork by Tori-Jay Mordey (dates TBA)

Presented in partnership with BAM – Brisbane Art MatriarchsBrisbane City Council, and Queensland College of Art, Griffith University ‘WOMEN’S WORK’ contributes to Brisbane as a vibrant and culturally inclusive creative community, while providing equal opportunity, equitable employment and ongoing development opportunities for women in the art and design industry.

WOMEN’S WORK‘ will deliver high-impact visual art that serves as a signature identifier to Brisbane City, displaying leading female artists across 10 large scale, inner-city locations.

“Gender bias remains a major problem in the modern art world. ‘Women’s Work’ sets out to create a new standard for equality” – Exhibition Curator, Nicola Holly

“Putting a spotlight on the theme of ‘Women’s Work’ gives everyone a moment to consider how we value, perceive and recognise the work of all people”. – Exhibition Curator, Rae Cooper

“We are very proud to be a team of independent, innovative and resilient women, representing and promoting excellence and equality in art throughout our city.”  – Exhibition Curator, Sarah Hazlehurst

“These women have created artworks that capture the heart of Brisbane and respond to its landscape from modern and historical perspectives .”  – Exhibition Curator, Claire Tracey.

The ‘Women’s Work‘ Outdoor Gallery exhibition commences August 12, 2019 and will run until December, 2019. (media enquiries:

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