Electric Objects: Call for Submissions


Deadline:11th December, 2015

In 2015, Internet culture is our culture. What happens online is no longer a separate space — a different or virtual life — it’s real life. At Electric Objects, we created EO1, a dedicated display for art, and a new way to bring the amazing, beautiful, and weird internet culture out of your computer and into your home.

We’re now seeking submissions from artists interested in exploring this new platform, who want to create artwork specifically for EO1’s audience and specifications. Artworks can take the form of still images or video. (See specs below for more details)

What We’re Looking For

This open call will focus on submissions that demonstrate a deft ability with 3D graphics, design, and animation. We will give extra attention to submissions that address the idea of the future of the home –– Show us what art will look like in our future homes. Artwork must take the form of JPGs, PNGs or MP4s (more details on the specs below).

We ask that you submit one artwork sample image that demonstrates the direction of your series. Submissions will be evaluated on the merit of the artwork sample image, the description of the series and your previous work on your website.

Who Should Apply

This opportunity is competitive –– Only 30 artists will be selected to through this open call.

We’re looking for rad people who want to join our growing community of artists and those who are interested in creating new work for EO1 (more information on filetype specs below). Selected artists will be featured and promoted in Art Club, Electric Objects’ collection of new and original art for EO1, and receive an EO1 plus a $500 commission fee.

We work with great artists who create some of the most beautiful, weird and amazing things on the internet. You can learn more about all the participating artists here.

What You’ll Make

A small series that consists of 3-6 pieces total

What You’ll Get

EO1 + $500 Commission Fee


All submissions must be sent by Friday, December 11th, at midnight EST.

Due to the amount of submissions we receive, we do our best to respond to each one but cannot guarentee we’ll get back to you if you are not selected. Thanks for your patience!☺

Apply Here

To be considered for this open call you must submit at least one artwork sample image that demonstrates the direction and style of your series. It can be a work in progress shot, a draft, or a finished version.

For more information please visit the – Website

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