Harnessing your Creative Growth Mindset


Deadline:12th February, 10:00am

Open to all International Artists, we would like to invite you Join Artist, Therapist & Mentor Frances Ackland-Snow of Creative Minds Consultancy for a taster session on how to get the most from your Artistic Practice whilst maintaining a positive mindset to help you grow and create the Art Career you always dreamed of.

This session will include:

  • Guided visualisation, taking you through your senses to find your safe place and flow; staying present
  • How to gain confidence as an Artist, exploring the Artists’ gift & curse
  • Subjectivity and conquering negative thoughts, art journaling
  • Finding your authentic voice
  • Learning to “Let Go” and releasing your inner child
  • Growth Mindset and discovering your strengths
  • How we as Artists can share, collaborate & support; we are stronger together

Free to Members of The VAA. Non-members £15 entry fee, you will be refunded this fee if you join as a member after the event*

Find out more about The VAA: www.visual-artists.org

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