Impress : Beginners Screenprinting Workshop


WHEN : 23rd & 24th Feb
WHERE : Impress

Want a comprehensive introduction to the screen printing process? This workshop is for you. You will learn the basics of photo emulsion – from preparing images on transparent film, exposing artwork in a dark room and making the screen; applying the photo sensitive emulsion and the technique of stripping a screen ready for new artwork.

This two-day workshop is an introduction to screen printing that will highlight the range of imagery that can be used to create prints including found objects (flat 2D objects such as feathers, doilies, lace, leaves and flora, i.e. anything flat that is NOT sharp), drawings, text and photographs.

Printing methods will also be demonstrated for fabric and paper applications, as well as printing in 1 and 2 colours.

*Email : to book & pay or / Cost $180 Members & $220 Non Impress members*

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