Lemonade launches: New art criticism for the Sunshine state

Lemonade is live! The new project provides weekly art reviews of exhibitions in Queensland.

Lemonade is a love letter to Queensland art and artists. The new initiative responds to a pressing need for critical discourse and promises to showcase the best of Queensland art to local, national, and international readers.

Founding Editor, Louise R Mayhew, says: “I’m excited to celebrate Queensland’s extraordinary concentration of brilliant artists and galleries”.

Lemonade is three digital platforms:

* a website: hosting the full archive of reviews;

* an email list: delivering weekly reviews directly to readers; and

* an Instagram: sharing micro reviews and snippets of longform reviews with engaged


Lemonade promises a new era of criticism, championing writing that is accessible, engaging,

experimental, concise, humble, exploratory, passionate and jargon-free.

Curious readers and art lovers alike can subscribe to Lemonade’s free weekly reviews here [https://lemonadeletters.com.au].

Lemonade: Letters to Art [https://lemonadeletters.com.au]

Follow Lemonade on Instagram [https://www.instagram.com/lemonade_letters_to_art/]

Support Lemonade on Patreon [https://www.patreon.com/lemonadeletters]

Lemonade is proudly supported by Brisbane City Council and Arts Queensland. The Creative Sparks Fund is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Brisbane City Council to support local arts and culture in Brisbane. Lemonade is also supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.