Meet The Artists

Hear their words; see their work.

We invite you to engage with the James C. Sourris AM Collection of Artist Interviews, a series of in-depth and intimate video interviews where you will hear the words of Australia’s most acclaimed contemporary artists and see the work of selected artists.

The exhibition will also feature contemporary works by Vernon Ah Kee, Luke Roberts, Fiona Foley, Judith Wright, Leonard Brown, Anne Wallace, Sandra Selig, and Eugene Carchesio. 

This is your chance to Meet the artists.   


The James C Sourris AM Collection of Artist Interviewsconsists of interviews with significant Australian artists and figures in the art world. It is a growing collection that provides insight and context to the practice of some of our most respected artists.

Each artist is profiled via three distinct recordings: a full-length interview between the interviewer and the artists, a 30 minute version, optimised for education purposes and a shorter version, generally 5 to 9 minutes in length that gives a quick taste of that person’s artistic practice.

Image: Artist, Vernon Ah Kee at Milani Gallery in Brisbane, Queensland, 2022