people+artist+place is a new arts initiative that aims to stimulate and support the production of socially-engaged, participatory and site-specific art in Brisbane. Facilitating projects that expand community perceptions of art in public space, we embrace the ability contemporary art has, to enhance, critique and celebrate the places we live in.

Producing innovative and accessible projects in the public realm, we strive to connect diverse audiences with artists and their work. We do this by delivering unique experiences, and providing professional development opportunities to local artists. Through doing this we hope to build a community of artists who feel confident to work alongside communities to develop compelling creative projects.

We are passionate about Brisbane harnessing art as a tool to better understand its identity, the histories that have brought us to today, and the futures we’re planting now.  We believe this type of experience to be a positive force in fostering healthy minds, communities and urban environments. Research shows that projects of this nature deliver many economic, social, environmental and cultural benefits.

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