Abundant Art – Creativity in an Era of AI


Deadline: March 2, 2024

Join Jessie Hughes and John Swinson for a big day of AI! In this full-day workshop, we delve into the shifting realm of generative AI and how to bring these new tools into your art practice. Discover how fresh evolutions with AI are intersecting storytelling, production, prototyping and artistic processes, as well as how to leverage this technology within your own workflow.

Participants will also have the opportunity to explore a range of legal issues and questions related to AI, NFTs and digital art, such as:

– Is it infringement to use GenAI to create art?

– Who owns what is created?

– What moral rights issues arise because of GenAI?

– What is happening outside Australia in the legal space regarding GenAI?

– What new laws are proposed?

This session provides a balanced exploration of AI’s impact on the creative industries, while including live demonstrations of generative AI processes. By the end of the day, we will have all created a creative project, built completely with generative AI (scripted, edited, visualised, with generated music and all).