Archer Davies, “Altogether Elsewhere”


Archer Davies’ exhibition Altogether Elsewhere at the Hold Artspace in West End featured a showcase of Davies’ works spanning from 2012 and 2013. These new works were created both locally in Davies’ Brisbane studio, and during his recent residency in Philadelphia.

Primarily exploring his artistic expression through oil paintings, Davies develops and creates works that immediately prompt an emotional response, subtly encouraging the viewer to explore the potential narratives expressed in the work.

In addition to oil paintings, Davies presented a series of etchings and ink drawings, and a large scale installation that incorporated 3D computer models. This variety of mediums could elsewhere be seen as eccentric and ill-fitting, but in the context of the Altogether Elsewhere exhibition they mesh well, combining and contrasting objective reflections of contemporary culture.

All the works in Altogether Elsewhere contain imagery that is both familiar yet foreign to the viewer, inciting a sense of somehow ‘already knowing’ but ‘needing to know’ simultaneously. The subjects are relatable, the settings familiar (especially to Queensland) – but the meaning is unknown.

Davies shows particularly developed technical skill across all works shown in Altogether Elsewhere, however some of the most affecting works are the more recent – and while they are physically more ‘unfinished’ than others in the exhibition, they have a piercing effect of understanding. This was particularly striking in the portrait works Milena (2013) &A Place for Everything #2 – both captivating oil paintings which provided such a clear view into contemporary life and living.

At the time of visiting the exhibition, a number of works had already sold – testament to Davies skill and intrigue. Overall, Altogether Elsewhere was a cohesive and intriguing exhibition, and Brisbane should look forward to seeing more new work from Archer Davies.


Image: Archer Davies, Under the Sun (portrait of the artist’s parents on their property in Maleny) (2013). Courtesy of The Hold Artspace.

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Written by: Charlotte Tegan /

REVIEW: Archer Davies, “Altogether Elsewhere” / 20 – 30 November, 2013 /

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