Articulate: Callout 2020



Articulate is calling for  proposals for projects and exhibitions for our 2020 program.

Articulate is an artist-run initiative formed in 2010 to support experimental contemporary art that emphasises installation, performance and related spatial  and temporal practices.

Articulate has two spaces, Articulate project space on the ground floor and ArticulateUpstairs on the mezzanine. These spaces are suited to different types of work—the ground floor project space is 27 metres long and accommodates larger installation, performance and related work, whereas the upstairs space is smaller and more suited to wall and smaller work.

However, we are open to hearing about whatever use you want to put either to. For example you could use either space

  • as a project space project or short residency where you develop and make work on site and open it to public exhibition in-process, or later in the 3-week period,
  • as an exhibition space for work that opens on the first Friday of the 3-week period,
    • as a performance project using one or both spaces together
  • as a documentation-base for work/events that happen in other spaces such as a public space,
  • for a solo or group project or exhibition, of collaborative or individual work,
  • for a curatorial project that produces a single exhibition or project,  or a longer program, or
  • for one-off or a program of events such as film screenings or discussion events, etc.
    Because the two spaces are not clearly separated, we ask artists working in both spaces to consult with each other in advance of installation.

For more information please visit the – Website

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